NFA Press Release – March 21, 2013



DULUTH, MN (March 5, 2013) – The National Firewood Association (NFA) is the first and only U.S. trade organization dedicated to promoting the use of firewood as an ecologically sound alternative to fossil fuels. Founded in 2012, the NFA says there is nothing but good news to be spread about firewood.

“Harvested sustainably and burned locally in an efficient wood stove, firewood is the most ecologically sound, renewable and inexpensive home heating fuel available.” says Director Scott Salveson. He goes on to explain that many people who burn firewood aren’t aware of the techniques and equipment necessary to maintain an efficient, smoke-free fire.

“Many people don’t understand that smoke coming from a wood fire is nothing more than wasted fuel. We have a lot to learn from places like Europe and Australia, where they have discovered better ways to burn firewood cleanly and efficiently by studying the science of combustion. A properly burning fire doesn’t smoke and doesn’t smell,” says Salveson.

The primary focus of the NFA is to help firewood producers and vendors bring this message to their customers through marketing support and educational materials. NFA members are well-educated in best practices for harvesting, storing and burning wood sustainably, and have committed to following the organization’s guidelines.

The NFA will begin public education outreach campaigns later in the year to inform consumers on how to extract the maximum value from wood heat. “The U.S. burns more than $2 billion worth of firewood per year,” says Salveson. “It’s about time we get everyone on the same page about the best use of this renewable domestic heating fuel.”

Consumers can identify NFA Certified firewood vendors and products by the distinctive green NFA logo on firewood packaging or in a vendor’s advertising.



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