NFA Press Release – March 20, 2013



DULUTH, MN (March 18, 2013) – A trade organization representing the Firewood Industry embraces the proposed White House plan to invest heavily in research to find alternative energy strategies to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. The National Firewood Association (NFA) is a rapidly growing group of firewood producers and equipment manufacturers who wish to bring a new level of professionalism to the local firewood market. The association challenges its members to meet and exceed a set of guidelines that emphasize the best use of this precious renewable resource — firewood.

NFA Director Scott Salveson points out the wisdom of firewood. “It’s our goal to help people realize the full value of firewood. Simply not having to transport a resource more than 50 or 100 miles puts locally produced firewood ahead of the game. Firewood is for hardworking people who prefer to invest their own time and energy to keep their families warm.”

Salveson claims methods that benefit the environment also directly benefit the consumer by saving money and effort. He says the key is simply using less wood to produce the desired amount of heat, claiming that a high-efficiency stove burning properly dried firewood emits no noticeable smoke or smell.

“There is also the aspect of supporting your local economy. There is no Exxon in firewood, just hard working people feeding their families,” says Salveson.

“Beyond proper equipment and techniques, the value proposition continues, offering one the opportunity to trade ever more time and labor for savings. Cut and split it yourself. Have the patience to wait until it’s fully seasoned. (Two full years for many hardwood species). This is where kiln-drying and mass production comes into play. Time is money, the choice is yours.”

The National Firewood Association assists firewood producers and vendors with marketing services and best practices intended to raise standards of professionalism in the industry, along with educational messages to be shared with their customers. “It is in everyone’s best interest to use this resource wisely, from a properly managed forest to a properly tended wood stove.”


Scott Salveson, Director
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Tel: 218-461-4339

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