About the NFA


The Mission of the NFA is to defend the right of Americans to harvest and burn firewood responsibly, whether for personal or business purposes.


Firewood is a basic human right

Firewood demands special status because it is a staple of survival, independence and historically, progress. Firewood brought mankind from the Stone Age to the Industrial Age. Beyond providing heat, cooking food and boiling water, it also allowed us to forge metals and create glass. Without firewood, the world we know today would not exist.

Firewood demands special status because it is accessible.
No other renewable resource can be harvested, processed and burned by a single individual — and all within hours.

When all else fails,  firewood has always been the answer.
Did you know that because of oil rationing during WWII, about a million vehicles in Continental Europe were converted to burn firewood?

The Firewood Business is good for your neighborhood

Producing firewood provides reliable employment to people who live nearby, and the money stays in your area. With our aging population, reliable firewood suppliers are providing an increasingly valuable service. Burning wood is a key element for survival on a fixed income for many seniors in rural settings.

We can do better

The case for firewood is clear, but we must do our part to using our natural resources responsibly. The NFA endeavors to educate everyone on proper techniques for efficient burning, resulting in the greatest return with the least amount of wood. Increased efficiency and reduced emissions go hand in hand. We believe that education — not legislation — is the answer to improving the state of burning wood in the U.S.

We support the business

Our primary focus has been on those in


While we’re close to thinking that firewood is a right that should have its own amendment, we realize that healthy forests and clean air are the rights of our children and grandchildren. The NFA supports efforts to spread the good word about burning wood responsibly. It’s clean, green energy from our backyard.

We are stewards of our own small part of the logging industry — firewood is a small concern in the shadow of timber and lumber. But we do intend to assert our influence within the industry to operate within responsible guidelines. We find that a lot of folks just don’t understand the issues, and are happy to comply when a request makes sense. The NFA sees a major role in explaining the issues and helping the industry monitor and correct itself. If we solve our own problems, there is no need for external interference.

An Industry Voice


Suppose you were a US Forestry official with questions and concerns about the firewood industry. Who would you call to ask questions? How would you communicate with the industry as a whole? Conversely, how would the firewood industry communicate with Washington D.C., or even the general public? A few key figures in the industry might have access or resources, but they will speak for themselves, not the industry as a whole. The NFA is the voice of the entire industry.

We Support the Entire Industry

Whether you sell thousands of kiln-dried bundles or hundreds of seasoned cords, there is a place for you in the industry and in the NFA.

If you make enough money from firewood to put food on the table, you are who the NFA represents. Everything that makes the firewood business better for you makes it better for everyone up and down the ladder. That’s the nature of the business. As a profession, we’re strong in number — but weak in organization.

Meet our Sponsors – The Companies Who Value Your Work

Our organization includes a number of industry sponsors who also depend on firewood to earn a living. Manufacturers of firewood equipment from mauls and chainsaws to firewood processors and safety equipment all have a stake in the ability to produce and burn firewood.