NFA Undergoing Changes

The NFA has been largely inactive for some time due to Director Scott Salveson’s extended medical leave. We are taking this opportunity to relaunch the association with changes based on what we’ve learned since starting out in 2012. While details are still being hammered out, the major change in the NFA’s direction will be changing our focus to educating and informing firewood consumers and those who cut their own wood.

We will continue our involvement with the firewood industry to the extent that member and sponsorship revenues allow. There is endless work to be done on behalf of the firewood industry, but it requires skilled labor working full-time hours and extensive travel. Hiring a part-time lobbyist and/or legal counsel is out of the question without significant backing from the entire industry.

It is for this reason that we will shift our focus from representing the industry to representing consumers who want to burn wood properly and understand the true value of this precious natural resource.

We will educate on topics such as firewood selection, storage, and proper burning practices — as well as guide to choosing a reputable firewood supplier.

Professional memberships will be available, and as an NFA Professional member, you will receive a detailed listing in our online directory and access to the thousands of firewood consumers we address. Your business will be geo-coded to your specific area, so customers will automatically see relevant listing displayed when visiting our site.

Stay tuned for more news coming in September, 2020.