Hakki Pilke expands firewood processor offerings to US market

Hakki Pile US Distributor

Mine Planet Group of Duluth, Minnesota has announced that Hakki Pilke of Finland has begun a focused effort to bring their line of advanced firewood processing equipment into the U.S. market and they will become their newest US importer. Mine Planet Group developed its expertise in the firewood equipment market over a 8-year partnership representing DYNA firewood processors. The companies will part ways amicably as DYNA brings more of its sales and marketing in house and will continue to manufacture its current line.

The Hakki Pilke line of processing equipment is developed and manufactured in Finland, which leads the world in advanced practices regarding every aspect of using firewood as a renewable fuel. According to Mine Planet Group CEO and Great Northern Firewood owner, Todd Brown, “If you want to see the future of firewood production in America, look to Finland.” He notes that the company Ponsse, who builds some of the most advanced forestry equipment in the world is just 2 hours away from the Hakki Pilke factory in Finland. “When you’ve built over 30,000 firewood processors and maintained the market share in nearly 35 countries worldwide, it speaks for itself. Hakki Pilke is building a winning global team that I’m proud to be a part of.” Brown says.

“From their forest management and harvest techniques to how they use the firewood in the most effective ways possible our goal is to help our own U.S. firewood industry adopt these practices from lessons learned from a country with a vibrant firewood industry – and a record of environmental responsibility.”

One example of this is that most Hakki Pilke processors are powered by an external source via PTO shaft and a common three-point hitch, like on a farm tractor. Not having to add a separate engine to run the processor reduces the cost of the machine at time of purchase and in reduced maintenance requirements like oil and filter changes. Conversely an engine no larger than 35hp can be added to any of the machines for stand alone operation. Another main advantage is the firewood processor’s advanced hydraulic system design. Putting ease of operation into one, electric over hydraulic, contoured hand control for truly push button comfort and performance. An automatic chain tensioner reduces bar and chain wear and dramatically increases cutting performance. A large three-phase electric motor in development will be ideal for indoor applications as that demand is seen growing.

Jori Myllari Hakki Pilke’s Export Manager says “That after analyzing the US market for nearly two years and interviewing tens of firewood business owners around the country, we have identified that the new Hakki Pilke Pro Series processors will provide the much needed solutions for customers to totally improve much needed efficiencies in their firewood operations and increase profits.”

CEO of Hakki Pilke, Anssi Westerlund, stated that, We are happy to have found a company like Mine Planet Group, Todd Brown and their firewood business, Great Northern Firewood. They are very uniquely positioned and will make a great partner for our market development plans. The United States is going to be our top focus and main priority given the great opportunities to grow there. Our decades of experience, advanced and proven technology combined with the desire to lead the way in firewood processing makes us the new winning team”