Firewood Defense Fund needs your help

NFA Director Scott Salveson
NFA Director Scott Salveson

NFA Director Scott Salveson has announced the creation of the Firewood Defense Fund (FDF). Citing a shortage of billionaires and corporate interests in the firewood industry, Salveson points out that for every person who burns firewood, there are two or more who cut their own. Tens of millions of Americans enjoy wood heat and would benefit from a coordinated defense of wood burning. He says that the tiny firewood industry could not possibly afford to fund such an undertaking on its own.

Through a page on GoFundMe the FDF is seeking donations to create the non-profit charity to benefit those who burn wood by creating and funding campaigns defending and promoting firewood as a sustainable alternative-fuel resource.

“When you think about it, firewood should be a (small) part of our domestic fuel policy,” Salveson says. “Firewood is fuel security. By the late 1940s, half of the motor vehicles in Europe were converted to run on firewood because of the widespread fuel interruptions due to WWII. It is still too early in the technology race to abandon the world’s most reliable fuel.”

The Firewood Defense Fund will operate as a 501(c)3 charitable organization, independent of the NFA, which is a trade organization — donations to which are not tax-deductible. Messaging funded by the FDF will benefit the public at large, with positive promotion of this abundant natural resource. Educational campaigns on the topic of best burning practices (for best results) will also be promoted.

We hope that our members will share information about the FDF with their friends and customers. It will take a sizable budget to staff and maintain a successful organization. The FDF is seeking $125k on the GoFundMe campaign to get the ball rolling with enough momentum to achieve success. A much larger annual budget would be required to cover ad buys in the media along with significant online promotion.

Salveson says “To keep things in perspective, consider that the National Rifle Association has a budget of $300 Million. The FDF could make a significant impact with half of one percent of that amount. All we need is the change from your couch cushions — but we need you to help us get it from your neighbor’s couch, too.”

Take a moment to read the pitch on the GoFundMe page here: