Green Light Fire Bag – Innovative Product

“Fires That Burn — Memories That Last” is the slogan for NFA member, Green Light Fire Bag. Hinting at the idea that it might be fun to put down the cellphones and enjoy a campfire for a change. Time around a campfire with family and friends is quality time the world over.

The Green Light Fire Bag contains a patent pending, proprietary formula of kiln-dried firewood, kindling, and matches in a completely sealed, burnable package. The bags are easy to carry and pack neatly with no mess. They even include a book of matches, making for a 100% self-contained campfire kit with no assembly required. It is literally a campfire in a bag.  The user can simply drop one match into the bag, sit back, and enjoy memories.  Instantly enjoying a real wood campfire with family and friends in the back yard fire pit for a couple hours then, move to the next memory making activity.

The company’s Vision is simple:  “Happiness”.  Their mission is “To help facilitate making memories”.  Company representatives state “Conversations change around the campfire!  It provides an opportunity for families and friends to connect.  We believe the campfire is the Original Wireless Hotspot.”

This product serves as another great example of how marketing can be used to extract greater value from firewood. In this case, merchandising is the key — going the extra mile to meet the needs of the customer. The National Firewood Association found this product to be neat, clean, quick and convenient. Suggested retail price is $9.99.  Debbie Y, a long time user from Florida states “I love that fact that they are easy to start. Now I am able to get the family around the fire quicker.”  This company realized that the average firewood buyer isn’t just looking for firewood, but a fire.

Production began December 2016 at one of the largest firewood producers in the country.  Sales and Distribution will follow at major retailers in the South East, expanding quickly to the North East and Midwest.

Green Light Fire Bag is a Florida Limited Liability Corporation.  More information can be found at  They can be reached at