Ray Morvan’s Cord King Cuts Logs to a Cord of Firewood and Loaded on a Truck in 15 Minutes

by Bill Croney

The Northfield News

Those of us who burn wood know we have just about reached the end of the season and we are scrambling to find one or two more pieces of firewood for those still chilly nights. But for Northfield’s Ray Morvan, of Green Mountain Heritage Inc., this is not the end but almost the start of the firewood season. Not for burning firewood but for creating it for others to burn.

The process of “making little ones out of big ones”- that is to say working up logs into firewood chunks can be very labor intensive. Ray Morvan has found a way to short-circuit a lot of that labor. It is a big yellow machine called a ‘Cord King” and it does a lot of work in a hurry.

“That Machine comes from Peth, Ontario,” Ray Morvan said as he pointed to the big rig. “I bought it about 6 years ago. It’s one of the fastest machines in the world. With just one operator it cuts, splits and loads a cord of wood in about 15 minutes. It will take a log up to 27 inches (in diameter).

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