Wet Weather Leaves Wood Supply Whittled

kingFIREWOOD0918c1 (1)If the first wave of crisp autumn air has you thinking about buying your firewood load to burn this winter, think again.

Crimped by a wet spring and summer that kept loggers out of the woods, and on the heels of last year’s long, hard winter that saw woodpiles dwindle to nothing, loggers and firewood suppliers say they just don’t have any seasoned wood to sell this fall.
Some Twin Ports firewood companies, with no product to sell, have stopped answering their phones. Others are telling customers they are weeks behind in filling existing orders and simply can’t take any new orders. A few have green, recently logged wood to sell that buyers normally would let dry for one year.

The shortage of wood has even hit the Northland’s paper mills, with loggers unable to bring in their usual summer supply.


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