Huge demand for firewood continues

24Vermont and Maine lead the nation in the number of homes heated primarily with firewood. An excellent article in the Portland (ME) Press Herald posted June 1 quotes a number of firewood vendors who all say that demand for wood in the area has doubled over last year.

“The difference this year is, people who would take one or two cord are now asking for four,” he said. “This past winter was so cold, my phone was ringing off the hook in February with people looking for seasoned firewood. The best advice I can give is order early, and make sure you don’t run out,” said Mark Killenger of Atlantic Firewood in Portland, ME.

The article goes on to quote others reporting the same heavy demand. David Moore of Maine Coast Firewood says “All our inventory will be reserved by mid-June. Sixty percent is gone now.”

Here’s a link to the article.

For years firewood producers have asked “how can I sell more wood?” The question today is “how can I stay ahead of the demand?” Manufacturers of firewood processing equipment are reporting record sales.