No serious harm in breathing wood smoke

New study surprises by telling us not to worry about breathing in dense wood smoke for up to hours at a time.
By: Thomas Hoffmann, ScienceNordic

Numerous studies have shown that wood smoke has the potential to damage our cells, affect our lungs, trigger cancer or even kill us.

Now two Danish studies add a couple of nuances to the debate about how dangerous wood smoke actually is.

The new studies show that if people are exposed to large amounts of wood smoke for three hours, it is certainly uncomfortable and it irritates the lungs, but it has no long-term effect on the lungs’ ability to function, or on our cells or any of our other bodily functions.

“We only observed some very subtle changes in the airways after three hours’ exposure, and the otherwise high concentration we used was not enough to trigger severe symptoms in healthy people. Perhaps the smoke would trigger symptoms in asthmatics, but this was outside the scope of this particular study,” says Torben Sigsgaard, a professor at Aarhus University’s Department of Public Health – Institute of Environmental and Occupational Medicine. KEEP READING >>