NH – Emerald ash borer could have big economic impact

Ash Borer evidence below bark.

By Doug Ireland direland@eagletribune.com

N.H. establishes quarantine in one county

New Hampshire officials are particularly concerned, imposing a quarantine last week in Merrimack County that prevented ash from being transported in or out of the county.

The quarantine was announced after the pest was found on a tree in Concord. Ash trees die only three to five years after infestation.

While ash trees are a valuable source of wood, they are commonly used to beautify communities such as Derry, where they line town streets, Borman said.

Karen Bennett, also a UNH Cooperative Extension forestry specialist, said a U.S. Forest Service survey determined it would cost an estimated $25 million to replace the thousands of ash trees found along New Hampshire streets.

She also said the loss of the ash tree population would mean the loss of an estimated $1 million a year… KEEP READING >>