Logging and fire suppression follow the same path for forest management: Guest opinion

Logging and Fire Suppression

By Karen Coulter, Oregon Live

Mar 26, 2013

The notion that escalated logging equals forest restoration is analogous to the Orwellian slogan “War is Peace.” Usually the cause of a problem is not the solution.

There is science supporting the thinning of small trees in dry, Ponderosa pine-dominant, already logged and fire-suppressed forest. However the U.S. Forest Service, the timber industry and some larger environmental organizations are now using the public’s fear of fire to justify another indiscriminate binge of mismanagement. The Forest Service is now applying the dry-forest-thinning rationale inappropriately to moister, mixed conifer forests such as higher elevation forests in eastern Oregon and Washington, and western Oregon forests.

The smaller (generally 3 to 8 inches in diameter) trees that cause most of any existing “overcrowding” in dry forests are not what would save the mills. Fuel-reduction logging is dependent on logging mature and larger trees to provide revenue. READ MORE >>