Outdoor boilers cleaner than wood stoves, boiler lobby tells Utah legislators

March 11, 2013 – Alliance for Green Heat

Legislators move to overturn outdoor boiler regulations

In a heated fight over whether outdoor boilers should be allowed in areas of Utah with poor air quality, the outdoor boiler lobby is swaying lawmakers with data showing that boilers are cleaner than wood stoves.

The lead Utah resident pushing for regulations that would allow outdoor boilers, Daniel Leavitt, represented himself as a concerned citizen to the Utah Air Quality Board, and the Utah paper refers to him as a resident who operates his outdoor wood boiler to heat his home. But what the paper didn’t mention is that Leavitt is also a prominent Utah lawyer specializing in government relations and the brother of the former Governor of Utah. What’s more is that Leavitt is being paid by Central Boiler, the boiler manufacturer leading the campaign.

In February, Utah adopted regulations that allowed the installation of Phase 2 outdoor boilers in most of the state but banned them in populated areas that do not meet federal air quality attainment standards. Central Boiler had fought against the regulations but were ultimately unsuccessful. KEEP READING>>