Arkansas Attorney General Warns Consumers to Measure Firewood Before Purchasing

Arkansas consumers who heat their homes with firewood should know that a “cord” is more than just something attached to an electrical appliance.

In fact, a cord is a unit by which firewood can be sold in Arkansas. The Arkansas Bureau of Standards has adopted specific regulations on the sale of wood to be used as fuel in fireplaces and wood-burning stoves. The regulations stipulate that all firewood sold in the state must be sold as a cord, a fraction of a cord, or in terms of cubic feet.

Thus, to make sure that consumers get the most for their money when buying firewood for the winter, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel today issued this consumer alert.

“Consumers increase their likelihood of overpaying or even being scammed if they buy wood by the truckload or other imprecise measurements,” McDaniel said. “We encourage consumers to always buy quality wood in standard units like a cord and to get a receipt after any purchase.” READ FULL STORY >>