Beetle threat to trees continues to be a concern in West Milford, NJ area

As predicted by Rick Buchtman at a June 6, 2011 meeting of the West Milford Environmental Commission (EC), the Emerald Ash Borer is moving forward to destroy trees in its reach. West Milford EC Chair Steve Sangle said at the latest meeting on May 7 that the devastation by the beetle that came from Asia continues to spread and is in neighboring Pennsylvania.

Doris Aaronson was at the EC meeting and brought up her concerns about the beetle. She said one of the two-foot triangular glue trap boxes being used by the United States Department of Agriculture to track the predator has been installed on a tree on her property on Bearfort Road in the Pinecliff Lake Community. FULL ARTICLE ON NORTHJERSEY.COM >>

Aaronson asked Sangle to see that the public is informed about the Emerald Ash Borer. She asked that people throughout the Township of West Milford be taught about the predator and alerted to be on the lookout for its arrival.”We did our best to inform the public of a potential problem,” responded Sangle. “Rick Buchtman of Upper Greenwood Lake, and owner of Timber Tree & Shrub Spraying, L.L.C., was at our meeting last year and presented information. The local newspapers did a good job of reporting the information that Rick presented.”AIM West Milford had full coverage on page two of the June 10, 2011 edition of the newspaper. FULL ARTICLE ON NORTHJERSEY.COM >>

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