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Harvesting firewood sustainably from woodlot or forest


By RICHARD GAST Cornell Ag Connection
Plattsburgh Press Republican (NY)

Whether taking firewood from small acreage for personal use or managing larger tracts for firewood harvesting and sales, owners of well-managed woodlots know the productivity of their land isn't measured in the wood that’s harvested; it’s measured in the amount of


More on Moisture Meters

Split 700

Earlier in the year we published our guide on how to use an inexpensive, pin-type moisture meter to reliably measure the moisture content (MC) of firewood. (See article here)

We’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback, however some NFA members had detailed questions regarding the true accuracy of our method.

Before going into more technical


Should I Burn Wood?

by Dave Mance III
Editor's Blog - Northern Woodlands Dec. 13, 2013

Environmental scientist Robert Cabin pointed out recently in a story that ran in Earth Island Journal that political liberals in general, and environmentalists in particular, can put an inordinate amount of faith in science, to the point where it begins to resemble


Omission of Wood Heat Goes Too Far

By John Ackerly | Biomass Magazine | June 23, 2015

Alliance For Green Heat President John Ackerly discusses a major oversight of the U.S. DOE—omitting mention of wood and pellet heat in its recent Energy Saver guide.

In 2011, we noticed a glaring omission in an annual U.S. government publication. The annual Winter Fuel Report failed to


Cumberland, ME - Local firewood fuel assistance program needs help


CUMBERLAND (WGME) -- A local program that provides firewood and fuel assistance to people in needs help from the community.

The Cumberland Wood Bank has been providing firewood to needy families for about eight years.

"What we do is we give the wood to people who can burn it who need help and we sell the extra wood to people who can buy


Profitable Firewood Processing Workshop
May 7, 2015 - Albany County NY

Profitable Firewood Processing WorkshopHarry Watt’s Profitable Firewood Processing Workshop is on the road!

This year’s event takes place at the William F. Rice Jr. Extension Center in Voorheesville, NY on May 7th. NFA Director Scott Salveson will be speaking along with a host of other firewood professionals.

At the workshop you’ll learn where the Firewood Industry is headed


NFA Goes to Bat in D.C.

Washington DC USDA Whitten BldgNFA Director Scott Salveson was honored to speak on behalf of the Firewood Industry during a listening session hosted by the administration of APHIS/PPQ, the arm of the USDA responsible for the federal firewood quarantines in place due to invasive species like the Emerald Ash Borer.

APHIS transport and treatment restrictions can have an

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